About Us

Sure Load, LLC was established in 2009. As an avid outdoors-man I wanted to provide a variety of quality products for the outdoor enthusiast. These products were designed to provide easibility and safety for the user. Sure Load, LLC takes pride in the craftsmanship of the products that are manufactured in The United States.

The Sure Load was designed with safety in mind and ease in loading your sled after a long day of riding. We have spent many winters watching people loading their sleds on icy surfaces with much difficulty and frustration. We thought that if we could make loading easier on a sled deck and ramp trailer with less injury why not??!!

The Hydra-Holder is a Universal bottler holder that will hold most 20 & 24 oz Bottles. Several models are available and designed for easy installation. The Hydra-Holder has been used on Snowmobiles, ATV’s, Boats, and Tractors. It’s all about quenching your thirst with some H2O

The Sure Load products are unique to, and for, the outdoor market. While born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have been spoiled with the many mountains and lakes that surround me. Spending the majority of my time outdoors and always thinking about time saving products, I came up with two that I hope you will enjoy – the Sure Load and the Hydra-Holder. Giving you more pleasure, fun and ease with your adventures in the outdoors!!